Finding the Right Builder

Finding the right carpenter for a big job can be quite overwhelming. Especially for those who are unfamiliar with the carpentry and construction process or industry. That’s why I’m going to break it down for those of you who aren’t looking to get into the technicalities, but rather just want to make sure you’re finding the right person for the task.


So, let’s say you’ve decided you want to build a brand new home; some place special that you can say is not only yours, but that you even helped bring to life. Well, the person you hire to help make that dream become a reality will either make or break the experience. So what should you look for?

First of all, you can always refer to the National Association of Home Builders. This is a great place to look as you can find the many credible, quality carpenters and home builders in your area. For example: Let’s say you’re looking for home builders in Greenville, SC. You would simply go to that website and type in your location; “Greenville, South Carolina.” This would lead you to a wide variety of different experienced builders to choose from.

However, just because you’ve found some quality builders doesn’t mean you can just pick one and run with it. You need to dig deeper and really do your research. Decide what it is you’re looking for. If you’re looking for someone who’s experienced in carpentry specifically because you love industrial style beams or Victorian style arches, then you’re likely not going to choose the guy who has only ever worked on contemporary homes. Know what you’re looking for and then find someone who matches the description.


You also want to find someone who will sit down and plan things out with you. Your best potential candidate is likely the one who listens the best. When meeting with and interviewing your different prospects, don’t be afraid to test them to see just how well they are listening. If you find that they’ve missed a big detail, even just one, you may consider moving onto the next. If they can’t even follow your most broad instructions, good luck making sure they get all of the little details done just the way you wanted.

If possible, once you’ve narrowed down your list to your handful of favorite potential builders, ask them for references. Sometimes, people who have worked with them prior will be willing to speak with you directly. This gives you a chance to get the most accurate and honest feedback through someone who has first-hand experience with that person. And people often are especially glad to offer any negative critique. Use these resources wisely.

Understand that this can and should be a very fun process! But also realize the importance of finding a craftsman who is compatible with your specific taste and vision. Don’t rush into this decision. Choose carefully and then have fun!


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